Volunteering & Fundraising


Every SAS family is required as per the school/parent contract to complete stewardship (volunteer) service hours. The purpose of this is duel. First, parent volunteers help to diminish costs. By providing helping hands to assist with work that would otherwise be billable hours to the school, volunteers help us cut tuition costs. Second, our volunteers foster an important atmosphere of community and fellowship, which reinforces our commitment to focus on Christian services as a part of our three-tenet mission (faith, knowledge, service).

Preschool families must serve a minimum of ten hours in service to the school per school year.

Kindergarten through eighth grade families must serve a minimum of twenty hours in service to the school per school year.

There are a number of ways to complete stewardship hours. One of the most common being volunteer service in the form of time spent as committee members for our SAS events.

Stewardship hours may also be fulfilled with time spent in the classroom, in the office, and in other areas of the school volunteering.

Take home volunteering is also an option. Some teachers and administrators will occasionally have needs, which can be completed in your home i.e. cutting, crafting, organizing, laundry (i.e. chair covers, table clothes), etc.


St. Anthony School is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. In an effort to make a SAS education affordable for every family who meets our application and acceptance requirements, we supplement tuition with both fundraising and tuition assistance based on family need.

The actual cost to educate a child at SAS is approximately $11,000 per year, compared to the cost of tuition of $5,020 per year for an elementary student.

In order to keep our tuition at a fraction of the actual cost of education, our school must off-set costs by fundraising.

Preschool families are required to contribute a minimum of $250 per family.

Kindergarten through 8th grade families are required to contribute a minimum of $500 in family fundraising in addition to making contributions to our annual Partners in Education Dinner & Auction.

There are numerous opportunities to take part in fundraising at SAS.

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