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Faith + Knowledge + Service


With God’s guidance, we provide a developmentally appropriate child-centered preschool curriculum. Our teachers encourage academic progress on an individual level and get to know each child’s abilities, interests and personality. We indulge in many creative imaginative play environments that stimulate learning through experiences, providing important social opportunities that prepare each child for life. Our program encourages curiosity and a love of learning, through maintaining academic rigor while promoting inquiry and play.

We offer a part-time preschool program starting at 3-years-old as well as a full day preschool class. Children are more than ready to enter Kindergarten upon completion of our preschool program. 

The environment at SAS Preschool is a self-esteem building experience that offers many opportunities for children to learn, discover, and create. Imaginative play, crafts, music, manipulatives, and reading stimulate children to fully embrace the wonderful learning environment. 

We celebrate parent involvement! Our open door policy enables parents to be an integral part of their child’s life while at SAS. We know the importance of the parents as their child’s first teachers, and parent involvement grows happy and healthy children. 

Curriculums used in our preschool classrooms are: 

  • Math: Work Jobs
  • Literacy: Zoo Phonics
  • Handwriting without Tears