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Faith + Knowledge + Service


Our faith in Jesus Christ is the reason our school exists; therefore, both spiritual and academic experiences enable students to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ, broaden their knowledge of their faith, and connect their faith to their daily lives.

Religious education is taught at all grade levels, and faith is integrated in all subjects and daily living.

At SAS, staff is dedicated to the success and well being of every student. All our K-8th grade teachers hold a bachelor’s degree and many have Master’s degrees in related fields. Our instruction is data driven. Religion, Reading, Math, and Writing are integrated into all other subjects. Staff utilize community partnerships and field trips to provide background knowledge and build connections between lessons and the world. Teaching is a mix of best practices with an emphasis on what helps develop the whole child.

Our school offers many programs in which students are encouraged to develop leadership skills and civic responsibility, including community service projects, a mock trial program, sports clubs, classroom economics program, and youth ministry programs.

Students are held to a high standard of academic achievement, discipline, and living Christian values. Some ways basic curriculum is enhanced at SAS include:

  • Differentiation plans for students in need
  • Spanish instruction at all grade levels
  • Art, Music, & PE programs 
  • Service Learning
  • Appropriate technology integration
  • Extracurricular programs
  • Summer Seeds of Adventure Enrichment Camp with an emphasis on STEM